Muttpop Tequila Incredible Edition


TEQUILA The Incredible

A new version of the classic figure that started Muttpop's Lucha Libre rotocast vinyl figure line. This revised edition comes with a newly designed full color box, refined colors, and blood splatter! Includes a removable poncho and rotating head. Approximately 8.25" (21cm) tall.

Abandoned by his biological parents in the barren deserts of Mexico, the infant Tequila was found and raised by a very caring family of desert cacti. One very sad day, his adopted parents died. After many days of crying, Tequila took his parents deceased remains and fermented them in an empty Tequila bottle. When he needs a quick boost of physical strength, Tequila empowers himself by taking a sip from this very special bottle.

8.25" tall

Limited to 400